Official distributors uses SVS/CD-ROM System



Roland, Tascam and TC Electronic sign SVS/CD-ROM local distribution agreements with SuperSonica.

During 2001, SuperSonica introduced the SVS/CD-ROM System, designed for client installation and use without the need to stay on-line. This project, technically directed by SuperSonica R&D Coordinator Manlio F. Tartara, was welcomed by many companies involved in DMI/PA distribution.

Roland, Tascam and TC Electronic locally signed agreements with SuperSonica to distribute SVS/CD-ROMs including SVS Special Editions for their most innovative products like Roland VS2480, Roland VP9000, Tascam US428, Tascam DM24, TC Helicon Voice Prism, etc.

During 2003, SuperSonica discontinued SVS/CD-ROM production announcing new revolutionary innovations expected for the end of the year.