akai dps24
The Akai DPS24 is an integrated audio production workstation featuring full 24-bit operation, 96 kHz option, great flexibility and full automation with 100 mm. touch-sensitive faders.

All the operations can be carried out without stopping the playback thanks to a truly multi-tasking operating system.

24-tracks of uncompressed 24-bit audio can be recorded simultaneously with sample rates of 44.1 or 48 kHz (the number of tracks and channels are halved when operating at 96 kHz).

Technical Details
The DPS24 features a highly flexible internal patch-bay that allows to freely assign the inputs to the mixing channels, making it possible, for example, to split an input signal among two Input Mixer or Track Mixer channels.
The input section is very complete, including 12 line level and 12 mic level analog inputs and S/PDIF and ADAT optical digital inputs. There is also a high impedance input that can be used to directly connect an electric guitar or an electric bass.
The input signals are generally sent to the recording tracks via the internal 8 Group busses, but it is also possible to record 24 tracks simultaneously enabling the "24 Track Record" mode and directly selecting the audio source for each track.
Integrated FX processors.
Four high-quality FX processors are provided. Each processor features 56-bit processing, stereo outputs and a comprensive set of more than 50 different effects, including a realtime vocal pitch corrector.
A complete Automix implementation is strongly supported by the touch-sensitive faders, that allow to update the fader positions during an Automix session without the need to specifically select it first.

The available expansion boards can add to DPS24 also SMPTE synchronization, SCSI interface and 16 digital I/O channels in ADAT Optical format. This board, in addition to the built-in ADAT ports, make it possible to input/output 24 channels of digital audio simultaneously.
The DPS24 control surface is clearly divided into various sections dedicated to transport controls, faders, input selection, display and monitoring controls.

The 12 motorized faders can control input signals, track returns, bus master and FX return levels thanks to the Fader Bank buttons, that allow to quickly switch between different fader assignments. An additional User bank can be used to create a custom fader bank where each fader can be assigned to a different function, including MIDI messages control.

Each channel features a dynamics processor (compressor and gate), a 3-band semi-parametric Equalizer and four Aux sends assignable to the internal FX processors or to external outboard.

12 Rotary Encoders located above the faders can be used to set the pan position of each channel or, when the Q-Channel function is enabled, to control the main parameters of a single selected channel. In this way, EQ settings and Aux send levels can be accessed very quickly.

The whole mixer status can be easily stored to one of the 99 available Scene memories and recalled later with a single operation.