akai mpc4000

Akai MPC4000 is a full-featured Music Production Center consisting of a Sampler section, a Sequencer section and a realtime control section (16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads, Q-Link knobs and faders) for MIDI data input.

Thanks to the generous set of MIDI ports (2 In / 4 Out) the MPC4000 is able to control a large MIDI setup quickly becoming the "brain" of the whole MIDI production process, generating sounds and remotely controlling external expanders and/or signal processors.

The built-in Z-series sampler technology, finally, allows also some audio applications such as direct-from-disk sample reading and other.

Technical Details

User Interface.
MPC4000 features a large panel with many dedicated buttons that make operation fast and intuitive. The most important functions are always reachable with a single action.
The big graphic display is helpful, and the operating system is well-designed and easy to understand.

Full-featured Sampler.
For the first time in a MPC-series product, the Sampler section can handle Keygroup Programs, making the MPC4000 not only a top-line sampling drum machine, but also a complete sampler with the same Z8 engine and with full access to all existing Akai sample library.
Q-Link Controls.
The Q-Link controls (4 knobs and 2 faders) can be assigned to virtually any MPC4000 parameter and provide a high degree of realtime performance control.

Each assignable Q-Link can also generate MIDI Control Change data, making possible to remote control external devices recording at the same time dynamic control as part of a sequence data.

I/O Connections .
MPC4000 rear panel offers a wide choice of I/O options, including Phono inputs for direct connection of turntables and balanced inputs and outputs, both in Phone and XLR format. SMPTE I/O ports comes standard too.

The available expansion boards can add to the MPC4000 digital I/O in coaxial S/PDIF (IB-4D board) or ADAT Optical (IB-4ADT board) format and 8 assignable separate analog outputs (IB-48P board).

No doubt that MPC4000 should be considered as a high-end piece of gear, clearly aimed to the professional market. The overall feel is extremely solid, from the 16 pads to the Q-Link controls, and the operating system succeeds in making all the available functions reachable in a fast and logical way.

There are 15 operating modes, plus some other displays dedicated to special functions (Q-Link Setup and Sequence, Pad Assign, Next Sequence, Track Mute, etc.).

Every control has a great degree of flexibility. Pads, for example, can be used to trigger internal sounds, to send MIDI messages, to trigger Sequences or to mute/unmute tracks in the current sequence.

In a similar logic, all MPC4000 different sections interact flawlessly, making possible to concentrate attention to music creation rather than to endless navigation menus.