akai z8,akai z4
The Z8 is the world's first sampler capable of handling 24-bit / 96 kHz audio, thanks to the custom designed LSI sampling engine and to the powerful Intel Strong Arm CPU chip.

Clearly aimed to professional audio production, the Z8 offers all the advantages of a dedicated hardware sampler, but can also be fully controlled from a computer (PC or Mac) with the ak.Sys software, freely available from Akai.

The Z4 model, a scaled-down version, can be expanded to match all the Z8 features except for the removable front panel.

Technical Details


Sound quality. With its 24-bit / 96 kHz engine the Z8 offers top-level audio quality.
Furthermore, samples can be manipulated by the 36 different resonant filter types and re-sampled with the new Quick FX function, which features intuitive effects like "Power", "Grow Drum", "Distance" and "Undersea".

  FX processors. The brand new 24-bit / 96 kHz 4-channel multi effects board provides over 40 effect types including all the standard processing options plus some very useful algorithms like the Pitch Corrector.
Realtime control. The eight Q-Link knobs (four on the Z4 model) can be easily assigned to a wide selection of functions regarding both the Program parameters and the effects algorithms.

Memory expandibility. The internal RAM memory can be expanded to reach a huge 512 Mb using affordable SDRAM chips.

Computer integration. Every function of the Z8 can be remotely controlled by the ak.Sys software. Computer connection is easy via the USB slave port located on the Z8 rear panel.
ak.Sys provides a convenient graphic environment for complete Program and Multi editing, and is also compatible with other Akai products like S5000/S6000 samplers and MPC4000 music production workstation
Up to 32 units can be controlled at the same time, thus creating a real sampler network.

The Z8 mantains the well established internal structure derived from Akai long term experience in professional hardware samplers, and is based on three levels:

- Samples, that are the basic blocks of waveform data;

- Programs, that group Samples organized in Keygroups (filtered and assigned to specific keyboard or velocity zones);

- Multis (multi-timbral groups of Programs) that allow real-time control over the main performance parameters. Each Multi can contain upo to 128 parts, freely assignable to the 32 available MIDI channels.

  The Z8 is a powerful, "well balanced" sampler that offers all professional features standard in Akai top-line samplers in conjunction with some innovations like Q-Link realtime control knobs, USB master/slave ports, huge RAM expandability and 96KHz/24-bit audio capabilities.