roland vs1680,roland vs1880

VS-1680 focused the Roland philosophy of manufacturing compact and fully equipped portable systems.

It is a digital recording system conceived for multitrack recording and post audio production applications.

The system includes a 16 tracks recorder, two independent mixers dedicated to input sources and to recorded tracks mixing, two processor boards including 4 simultaneous effects, internal Hard Disk and SCSI interface for external units and CD mastering units.

All this is included in a very small and easy to carry structure.

The VS-1680 is equipped with all easiness and quality features typical of the previous model VS-880. The operative system is stored into flash RAM and it's easy upgradable.

The VS-1880 is equipped with 24-bit A-D/D-A converters and it allows to simultaneously playback up to 18 tracks. Moreover, it provides a new CD Writing function for a direct CD multitrack recording

Technical Details
Bundled Software
VS-1880 Additional Features

Both the VS-1680 and the VS-1880 (as the previous VS-880 model) are very compact and consequently they are very easy to carry, providing respectively a real 16 and 18 tracks portable recording studios: 55 x 35 x 10 cm. dimensions and 7 kg. weight.

Due to the fact that the machines are working completely in the digital domain, all mixing parameters can be stored in scenes memories (8 for each song) that can be immediately and easily recalled at any time.
Moreover, the on-board Automix section allows to store the fader, pan, Aux send, effect control settings in synchronization with the recorded audio events.

The mixing parameters can be also remotely controlled through continuous controllers or SysEx MIDI messages sent by computer and MIDI software.

Audio quality is adequate to the declared specs: 20-bit A/D converters in the VS-1680 and 24-bit A/D converters in the VS-1880. 24-bit internal signal processing for both units.
The VS-1680 recorder can work both with 8 linear-data tracks or with 16 compressed-data tracks (18 tracks in the VS-1880): data can be recorded in various coding modalities in order to optimize Hard Disk capacity. Anyway R-DAC technology, patented by Roland, assures an extremely satisfying response.

Roland declares that the Multitrack Pro mode (2:1 data compression ratio) assures the same recording quality of other 24-bit linear systems.

Recording operation includes all the typical advantages of the random access HDR technology. For example, the traditional rewinding time of traditionals tape recorders is replaced by almost immediate location functions: 64 locations and 1000 Markers can be set in each song.

Loop and Auto-Punch functions are extremely useful in order to assure absolute precision while working on small lenght audio sections.

Each real track includes 16 virtual tracks. This is useful, for instance, to record various takes and to choose the best performance later.

One or two optional Effect boards can be installed providing respectively 2 or 4 signal processors, able to be used in both recording and mixing sessions. Effect processors can be assigned to all channels independently, to Stereo Bus or to Aux/Effects send.

In order to complete a full music production in digital domain, an optional CD-RW unit can be connected to VS-1680/VS-1880 assuring also digital mastering facilities.

Alternatively, the built-in S/PDIF digital outputs allow the mixdown by using DAT or other external digital recorders.
The VS-880 drawbacks (small and not-backlit display, complexity in operation, etc.) have been solved in both the VS-1680 and the VS-1880.

The display, based on a graphic icons system, is wide, backlit and invaluable in giving information about mixer and recorder status.

For instance, channel-track assignments have been greatly simplified: by using specific keys, the assigned sources are both displayed on the screen and shown by the coloured LED on the panel.

This feature makes easier external sources recording and pre-recorded tracks bouncing.
  At the first approach, VS-1680 stands out as compact and flexible recording system.

The increased number of tracks of the VS-1880 (18) allows a more flexible management of the mastering functions that are now summarized in a dedicated page.

Some limits to point out regarsd the wave shape display (still not satisfactory for complex editing operations) and the lack of moving faders.

Anyway, have to be considered that the VS-1680 target consists in offering an hi-quality compact and portable recording system at a very good quality/price ratio.