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With the introduction of the VS-2480 Roland makes an important step toward the realization of an integrated music production system capable to carry out on its own all the production needs: tracking, editing, mixing, mastering and CD-R burning.

Compared to the other models of the VS series, the VS-2480 appears particulary fullfilled with a high number of available tracks, many I/O options and the ability to easily interface itself with external devices.

The set of available filters, dynamic processors and effects is also very large, so that complex projects can be carried out using exclusively the internal tools.

Working with the VS-2480 is easy and fast even if there are so many options and possibilities, thanks to a high-resolution graphic interface, motorized faders and support for mouse and VGA monitor.

Technical Details
Software Updates


I/O options. Sixteen balanced analog inputs, eight mic inputs with Phantom power and one Hi-Z input useful to directly connect an electric guitar are the basic I/O features of the VS-2480.

As for digital I/O, two S/PDIF interfaces (optical and coaxial format) can be used indipendentely. Two R-BUS connectors located on the rear panel allow, using external interfaces, to add sixteen more I/O channels in the desired format: anlog, AES/EBU, TDIF or Adat Optical.

Finally there are eight balanced analog outputs (TRS jack) assigned respectively to Master L/R Out, to Monitor L/R Out and to four auxiliary outs for using with external signal processors.

Anyway all inputs and outputs are freely assignable thanks to the internal routing system that allows to make custom configurations for every kind of application.

User interface. The VS-2480 panel allows efficient management of the numerous functions available thanks to its clear layout. Every control has different functions depending on the active operating mode and on the current context.

So many buttons, lights and labels may appear confusing at first, but as soon as the various procedures become familiar working on the VS-2480 gets fast and extremely practical. The user interface best features anyway are support for the VGA monitor, very useful in order to display many parameters at once in a clear way, and motorized faders.

Mouse operation makes things even easier (it is possible, for example, to drag graphically EQ curves or to move a sound position in a Surround 5.1 environment).

Automation. All the VS-2480 functions can be automated. For each Project 100 complete configurations of mix parameters can be stored and easily recalled simply pressing one button. Fader movements recorded in Automix mode can be displayed graphically and edited with a high degree of precision.

Size. Thanks to its limited dimensions and weight the VS-2480 can be easily carried away and employed anywhere. This is particulary useful in remote recording situations, because all the tools necessary for recording and editing audio materials are integrated in one single device.

Q/P ratio. Considering the number of available tracks and the high quality of the various tools the VS-2480 price is a very good value if compared with similar products.

The VS-2480 internal structure is based on two different mixers: the first one (Input Mixer) controls the input channels (analog and digital) and their assignation to the tracks, while the second one (Track Mixer) controls the recorded tracks.

This kind of management is very practical, and allows working indipendentely on input channles and on monitoring.

Both mixers can use filters and dynamic processors and, used together, can manage up to 64 channels (inputs, tracks and effect returns).

  The VS-2480 is a one-of-a-kind product that could substitute many devices normally found in a music production setup, adding the plus of working with a single user interface.

The integration among the various modules is great, and connection of external processors is always possible, as well as synchronization with other recorders.

With the Virtual Fader function any MIDI device can be controlled directly from the VS-2480 panel.

The VS-2480 is a very reliable product, and all its parts belong to a very high quality standard.