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The VS-880 is a digital system designed for audio recording and post-production.

The system provides a 8 tracks recorder, a digital mixer, two multieffect processors, internal hard disk and SCSI interface for external mass storage. All this is included in a small and portable unit.

The operating system is stored into a flash RAM, allowing an easy and constant software upgrading.

VS-880EX is an improvement of VS-880 in terms of price/performance ratio and operation. In fact, it includes built-in effect processors, backlit display and light keys able to simplify inputs-tracks routing.

VS-890 Features
Technical Details



First of all, VS-880 is compact and portable: a real digital studio available in the same size of a cassette portastudio.
Digital technology advantages are immediately noticeable in terms of audio quality and mix settings recall through "scene memories" (up to 8 each song).

Mixing parameters can be easily remote controlled through continuous MIDI control messages.
Recording and dynamic mixing can be controlled by the most popular sequencing programs, according to total recall logic.
The VS-880EX model includes also built-in automix functions.
The system audio quality is remarkable, able to satisfy the most advanced recording/post-production needs: the frequency response is already good at 32KHz sampling frequency, while, on the other hand, distortion due to data compression can be heard only selecting the recording modes that use the highest compression ratios (i.e.: MT2 or Live modes).

The 8 tracks hard disk recorder can be used in a traditional way, but it provides all the speed and location accuracy adavantages offered by the random access technology.
On the other hand it is possible to use the advanced editing functions to freely cut and paste the tracks.
Up to 4 tracks can be recorded simultaneously (8 in EX version), while up to 6 tracks can be played in linear mode (no data compression) or up to 8 tracks in data compression modes.
The system, providing a maximum of 64 virtual tracks (128 in the EX version),brings users high flexibility during production phase.

Installing the internal optional board (standard in the EX version), two powerful, indipendent multi-effects units can be added to the system.
These signal processors can be used both in recording and mixdown.
Finally, using S/PDIF digital out for mastering, VS-880 can offer a full-digital final audio product.



Considering the built-in functions and the audio quality, VS-880 is a cost effective machine.
Anyway, the powerful integration/optimization of resources requires an user's effort in learning VS-880 operation.
The operating system, extremely logic, is quite complex, due to the "multi-function buttons" philosophy. This means that the professional user can be able to manage the unit after a few days learning.

Operation is based on a logic that requires parameters selection and consequent values editing, unfortunately limited by the small display (backlit in VS-880EX version).
Sometimes, it's necessary to set cut and paste location points on the basis of the pure listening.
On the other hand, it must be underlined that immediate and really effective preview functions (conceived for location) are available.

Digital mixer control is very flexible but not intuitive, due to the above mentioned "access to parameters" logic.
Being a compact system, the inputs number is limited (4 unbalanced analog mic/line, increased to 6 in EX version, and a S/PDIF stereo digital input), but convenient considering the "virtual" recording section.
The VS-880 allows song data backup on HD (or removable cartridge such as Iomega ZIP or JAZ), CD-ROM or DAT.



VS-880/VS-880EX has been one of the first available portable recording system considering both size and versatility.
The main limits consist in the inputs number and in the small display, that reduces the amount of information immediately available on the screen.
These limits, anyway, are widely compensated by the advantages provided by integration and flexibility.