tc electronic m-one

M-ONE is a Dual Engine Multieffect, equipped with 2 independent hi-quality effect processors.

There are 2 available versions:
- M-ONE, featuring balanced I/O ports (TRS jack)
M-ONE XL, featuring balanced I/O ports (XLR) and some additional effetc algorithm.

Main controls and I/O
Technical Details


Flexibility at a good Q/P ratio. M-ONE Engines can be internally "assembled" in 6 different modes. This is possible thanks to different signal routings that can be used depending on the user needs.

The effect list includes:
- Reverb (Hall, Room, Small Room - M-One XL only)
- Plate (Small, Medium, Large, XL - M-One XL only)
- Spring Reverb (Spring Reverb simulator).
- Reverb Live e Ambience (Small, Medium, Large, XL - M-One XL only)
- Delay (One-Tap /Two-Tap)
- Delay Ping-pong (M-ONE XL only)
- Classic Chorus ( double Delay modulation and LFO control)
- 4-Voice Chorus (double Classic Chorus with Delay Time)
- Classic Flange
- 4-Voice Flange
- Pitch Detune
- Pitch Shift (adding 2 voices to the input signal)
- Parametric Equalizer (Low Shelving w. Slope + 3 Parametric bands+ High Shelving w. Slope)
- Compressor
- Limiter
- Gate/Expander
- De-esser
- Tremolo (Hard, Soft)
- Vintage Phaser ("Comb Sound" typical of old Phasers)
- Smooth Phaser

M-One main plus is operation flexibility. In addition to hi-quality Reverb and wide-range effects, the dual processor architecture allows sophisticated processing modes.

Easy to use. Thanks to the "LCD Multispectral" display (including different coloured areas) and a well-designed control panel, M-One allows fast access to all parameters.