tc helicon voiceprism plus

The VoicePrism Plus integrates all the functions typical of a high-level vocal processor: mic preamp, compressor, equalizer, dedicated multieffect processor and realtime harmonizer.

However the VoicePrism Plus potential goes further: the added VoiceCraft expansion board makes possible to use specific Voice Modeling algorithms to modify the characteristics of the processed voice.

Technical Details


Realtime harmonization . VoicePrism can generate in realtime up to 4 Harmony voices for melody harmonization.
Each voice can be pitched a fix interval from the Lead voice or adapt to the current harmony (determined with the internal settings or controlled in realtime from a connected MIDI keyboard).

Dynamics processors and filters. The signal is first passed through a dynamics processor (Compressor/Gate) and a 2-band parametric equalizer that can be assigned to the Lead and/or Harmony voices with independent settings.

Integrated Multi-Effect processors. The two built-in Multi-Effect processors feature all the classic algorithms: Reverb, Chorus, Flanger and Delay.

Voice Modeling. The VoicePrism Plus most important feature is found in the Voice Modeling algorithms, that allow to deeply change the tone colour of the processed vocal setting parameters such as Vibrato, Scooping, Warp, Spectral Effects, Breath, Rasp and Growl.
The results go from "falsetto" effects to low, deep vocals
with many interpretative tweaking possibilities (cleaner or dirter vocal timbre).