tascam dm24

Tascam DM-24 features flexibility, integrated automation, touch-sensitive moving faders and 24-bit/96 kHz support at a really competitive price.

Technical Details




  Flexibility. A sophisticated digital routing system allows free assignments between inputs and channel. If required, the same input signal can be also assigned to different channels at the same time.

Different types of input/output ports are provided, including 24 T-DIF I/O, 8 ADAT Optical I/O, 2 AES/EBU I/O and 2 S/PDIF I/O.
16 Mic/Line analog inputs are also provided, all equipped with hi-quality preamps, insert ports and 24-bit A/D converters.

2 rear slots allows to expand the system by installing different option cards including:
- IF-TD/DM (8 T-DIF I/O)
- IF-TAD/DM (8 ADAT Optical I/O)
- IF-AN/DM (8 Analog I/O)
- IF-CS/DM (digital cascade card).

T-DIF and ADAT option cards include also ADAT Sync 9-pin and DTRS control ports for machine remote control. Also,
digital cascade cards, allow to link 2 DM-24, doubling the number of available channels and using the same bus and aux send for large mixing application. By using the cascade card, a connection between DM-24 and Tascam SX1 Audio Workstation is also possible.

DM-24 configuration includes 8 busses and 16 direct outputs (assignable to channel 1-16) allowing simultaneous 24-track recording applications.

Different sampling frequencies are also supported, including 96KHz.

Integrated Effects. DM-24 includes 2 internal Effect Processors featuring hy-quality algorithm like Phaser, Chorus, Delay and Microphone/Speaker Modeling coming from TC Works, Antares and Tascam.

Automation. Automix internal features are provided on DM-24. Timecode sync is possible via SMPTE I/O and motorized touch-sensitive faders make easy Write/Read operations during Automix sessions. The most part of the console parameters can be also controlled under automation, so that complex mixdown sessions can be fully memorized.

Compact Size. DM-24 dimensions (580mmL x 140mmH x 542mmD) and weight (20.5 Kg) allow easy carriage and location for any possible use.

Good Q/P ratio. No doubt that, considering all features available, quality to price ratio is very good for DM-24.



DM-24 control surface is divided in different areas including fader control, channel module, transport control, graphic display, function control and monitor control.

17 motorized faders are available: 16 assignable faders (3 different layer status can be selected in order to control channel 1-16, channel 17-32 or Bus/Aux Master levels) and 1 master fader. In addition, faders can be used also for channel Aux send levels or channel Delay time control.

All channels are equipped with 4-bands Parametric EQ (Shelving, Peaking, Notch, HPF/LPF modes available depending on the selected band), Dynamic Processor and 6 Aux send. The Dynamic Processor works as Compressor, while Gate functions are also available on channels 1-16.

In short, the unit is more powerful and in the same time more intuitive and pleasant to use than the previous model.

Moreover, the availability of built-in digital ports and the possibility to connect an optional CD mastering unit allows a fast and not too expensive data back-up and CD mastering functions.



Channel editing is possible by firstly selecting a channel and then using channel module and Display support (a channel can be selected by pressing the related select key or simply by touching the related touch-sensitive fader, if the auto-select function is enabled).

Channel module includes Ring Encoders that allows easy parameter control. Also the graphic display offers easy editing support thanks to the soft buttons and the POD controllers, as previously experimented with
the Tascam TM-D4000.

Transport section includes REW, FF, PLAY, STOP and RECORD buttons as well as Locate and Track Arming controls.
Machine control is possible by using RS-422, GPI, DTRS and MIDI ports.

All console parameters (except for TRIM control for preamp gain) can be saved to a Snapshot memory.
Up to 96 Snapshots can be managed, allowing to instantly change the mixing setting for any possible studio or live application.

In addition to Snapshot memory, specific Library memories are also provided for Channels EQ and Dinamic Processors.
In this way different EQ or compressor settings can be saved and then recalled for instant assignment to different channels, saving time and assuring precise results. Some preset memories are also available.



Remote control drivers.
DM-24 is equipped with a large number of drivers for remote controlling dedicated to specific Recorders, VCR, Direct-to-Disk systems and other devices.

Surround facilities.
3 different Surround operation modes are available, including 5.1.

Additional Stereo Compressors.
Bus and Aux busses are not equipped with EQ or delays, but an effect processor can be digitally inserted. In addition, 3 stereo compressors can be assigned to any Bus or Aux bus pair as well as to the Stereo bus.

Talkback and Monitor facilities.
DM-24 includes a Talkback system, 2 headphones outputs and a flexible monitoring control section.