tascam mx2424

The 24 track direct-to-disk MX-2424 digital recorder is the result of the collaboration between two companies: the japanese Tascam and the american TimeLine.

As previously happened with some other digital mixers and recorders, the MX-2424 is part of that restricted range of equipments that has revolutionized the price/performance ratio in the recording units market.

Front and Rear Panels
Operating System and Software Updates
Technical Details


Format. The MX-2424 is based on a non-linear recording system. The unit gives an instant access to the Hard Disk recorded data. This feature provides non-destructive and advanced editing functions.

Flexibility. The MX-2424 can use both Windows FAT32 and Macintosh HFS/HFS+ format disks.
The data format (Broadcast Wav and SDII) allows an easy audio data exchange with computer-based systems or dedicated workstations (i.e.: Pro Tools).
A built-in 9.1 Gb internal hard drive provides 45 minutes of 24-track 24-bit, 48kHz linear recording. The 24-bit / 96 kHz sampling frequency mode is also available for 12 track analog or AES/EBU digital recording.
The available recording time can be increased installing a 80 Mb/sec SCSI-2 interface that can be connected to a wide range of external drives. Both the 9.4 Gb DVD-Ram and the 10 Gb Travan Tape systems can be used to backup the recorded projects.


The MX-2424 features 2 expansion slots that allow to add 24 analog and/or digital I/O channels installing optional cards that support the most common formats.

The unit features all the Sync connectors and formats usually required, except for the Sony RS-422 format. The MX-2424 can be both Master (LTC e MTC generator) and Slave (Chase sync).
The Timing communication includes Wordclock, Video Sync, Time Code generation and a TL-Bus interface, that provides communication and sample accurate synchronization between multiple units.

Compact. In a 4U rack unit weighing just 14 Kg is built-in a 24 track recording system that provides analog/digital I/O and synchronizer.
The easy carriage allows a convenient use even in live performances.

Competitive Q/P ratio. The MX-2424 price is really competitive, considering the wide range of built-in interfaces and the bundled together MX-View editing software.
Even including the cost of the required additional backup drive, the total price is still lower than that of three 8 track tape recorders.


The MX-2424 is the result of Tascam and TimeLine know-how and experience in building direct-to-disk systems such as the MMR-8 and MMP-16 units. These devices were mainly oriented to the cinema and audio/video post-production.

Up to 32 MX-2424 units can be connected through the dedicated TL-Bus interface that provides communication and sample accurate synchronization.

Besides the "non-destructive" mode, that provides 100 undo levels and 975 virtual tracks, a TL-Tape mode is also available. This mode simulates the 24 track tape recorder operation.
This "destructive" mode optimizes disk space usage, speeding up the most complex operations, even when performed on many tracks simultaneously. In this case, however, the Undo function is disabled.

The MX-2424 provides complete and advanced features that overcome the usual recording requirements. The main functions can be easily recalled using the front panel or remote controller keys. The MX-View software, that runs on both Mac and Windows platforms, can control up to 6 MX-2424 units, providing additional editing functions in a convenient graphic environment.

As often happens with Hard Disk Recording systems, the editing and location data files are separated from the audio data files. The Tascam EDL format (Edit Decision List) is called "OpenTL".
Tascam is preparing a new software to convert this proprietary software into Avid and Digidesign OMF standard and into the other formats used by the main manufacturers. This feature will optimize the conversion time of the projects between different units.

The 24 I/O digital channels can be in AES/EBU, T-DIF or ADAT format at 24-bit. The expansion boards are sold separately.

Each board features 3 connectors, providing 8 In/Out channels. Nevertheless, the rear panel is equipped with built-in AES/EBU and S/PDIF In/Out connectors (both featuring sampling frequency conversion), that can be routed to the tracks by the internal operating system.

The rear panel features a dedicated expansion slot to add optional analog +4 dBu balanced In/Out. The relevant boards provide 6 connectors (25 pin D-sub).
Analog and digital sources can be simultaneously connected to the recorder. This flexibity allows, for instance, to simultaneously connect both a mic preamplifier and a digital mixer.

The unit settings can be stored in 10 user's memories. Dedicated keys give direct access to the track modes: Editing, Arming, Input and Safe. The channels input, the tracks level and the current status can be checked through a 24 bars / 15 LEDs display (logarhitmic range from -50 to 0 dB).

The transport functions, providing 255 location points, include Play Reverse, Reharse (recording simulation) and a Jog/Shuttle dial. The Jog/Shuttle can also be used to change the parameters value.

The MX-2424 operating system is stored in the Flash memory. This feature allows an easy update through a 4 MB Smart Card inserted into the front panel slot. The software updates available on the Tascam web site can also be loaded into the MX-2424 from a computer connected to the 100 Mb/sec Ethernet port.


The MX-2424 is a sturdy, compact and professional digital recorder.

In terms of operation, the only limit is the small size display. For this reason, an helpful tool is the bundled MX-View editing software that allows an easy control of the internal parameters of the unit. Some editing procedure, in fact, are
easier to perform on a computer monitor.

The TL-Sync Advanced Synchronizer is another useful tool that provides high-performance synchronization capabilities. This device, that can also be used as a stand-alone unit, features a wide range of expansion ports: RS-422, GPI, ADAT/Tascam Sync, MIDI, LTC, Wordclock (even x256) and Video Sync control.

The MX-2424 is a very interesting unit for 24-track based recording studios, live recording, post-production, mastering and DVD production (thanks to the 96 kHz recording mode).