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The US-428 is an innovative device from Tascam that renews the computer remote controllers category concept. The unit, in fact, provides a convenient control surface for mixing and transport operations as well as a complete MIDI interface and a flexible Input/Output management.

The control surface includes a variety of controls, which make working with audio software faster and easier. The US428 can be considered as a link between the software and the hardware worlds due to the built-in USB interface that avoids complicated installation procedures on the host computer.

This feature is also very important for another reason: portable and desktop computers not equipped with PCI connectors (previously excluded from this kind of applications) can now take full advantage of the high quality audio ports onboard.

Technical Details
Bundled software
US-224 Overview

Flexibility. Basically, the US-428 is a control surface with built-in Audio and MIDI ports able to communicate with any host computer through the USB interface (now available in all the current Windows and MacOS systems).
This unit allows many applications (software remote control, audio/MIDI interface with external devices thru the built-in I/O, etc.). It provides high quality standard audio performances too, due to the 24-bit converters available both on Stereo out and Inputs.
Analog Inputs include 2 balanced XLR mic inputs, 2 balanced 1/4" TRS inputs and 2 unbalanced line inputs (switchable to high-impedance, for direct input of a guitar, bass or other hi-Z source).
Moreover, S/PDIF Stereo In/Out ports are built-in for digital equipments connection. Full MIDI capabilities are also provided: two independent MIDI I/O ports are available for external units connection, allowing a 32 MIDI parts independent control.

Advanced remote control. The bundled software functions can be fully managed by the control surface (as well as the functions of the system compatible softwares), allowing recording, automation and mastering, such as working with a dedicated hardware device (let's say Portastudio!).

Bundled software. The Tascam US-428 package includes a CD-ROM containing driver software both for Win98 SE(ME/2000/xp (hotfix Microsoft for USB management) and Mac OS 9.x and OS X, as well as a dedicated Cubasis VST software version (Win and MacOS) specially released by Steinberg for US-428 with ASIO driver.

Easy installation. The US-428 structure and USB port allow quick and easy connection to the computer. Win98 SE works properly and the installation of the software is really easy. A Win98 first edition upgrade is on the way (but, at present, there's no confirmation). Due to the Windows 95 handling of the USB specs, the US-428 doesn't properly work under Window 95.
The MacOS drivers (8.6 version or better) are ready, but the compatible and updated audio software is not yet available. Anyway, this will be released by Steinberg and Emagic very soon.
Minimum requirements for computer connection are: 15" monitor (better if 17") and Pentium III PC with 200Mhz (or equivalent) processor and 64 Mb RAM or Macintosh with PowerPC 120 Mhz processor and 64 Mb RAM.

High Q/P ratio. The price of the unit is really convenient and affordable, considering both the features onboard and the bundled official software provided in the package.


The US-428 is an affordable price device whose aim is to offer a familiar hardware approach to the computer digital recording users.

The unit is well structured and quite complete.

The control surface provides 4 Input Trims and 8 channel faders. Each channel features control buttons (Rec, Mute and Select).

A master fader is also available to control the output signal.

The "virtual channel" section features 4 Aux Send select buttons and a dedicated EQ module with continuous controllers for level, frequency and Q, as well as 4-band selection buttons.

The user can assign the current selected channel to the "virtual channel" in order to carry out the required editing procedures. Pressing simultaneously the [SHIFT] and the [SEL] buttons, the selected channel recording is enabled.

Dedicated Transport and Locate controls offer one-button access to these often-used functions.


Basically, the US-428 is an innovative tool that provides a more user-friendly approach to the computer music software users at a very affordable price.

On the other hand, the US-428 is also a useful device for those who are not familiar with computer music software handling. It avoids complicate installation procedures and allows to perform advanced musical applications even if working with systems not equipped with PCI ports such as portable PC or Apple iMac series.

At last, even if mainly designed for the Audio/MIDI Home Recording market, there's no doubt that the US-428 offers a really professional approach to recording. The user will take full adavantage of these advanced features at a very convenient price.