yamaha 01v

Introduced in 1998, 01v is a digital console fully equipped, designed for a wide range of applications and for a large market share due to the extremely competitive quality/price ratio.

The console is an evolution of the ProMix project, upgraded with the 02R 32-bit technology and fully equipped with a complete set of digital I/O in order to satisfy all users needs.

The mixer provides 24 inputs channels (16 analog + 8 digital) with 4 bus routing.

Technical Details


Fully equipped. The console includes 4-bands parametric EQ, dynamic processors, high quality effects (the same REV500 reverb DSP processor) and delay functions (up to 250 ms) for the 16 main channels, for the 4 bus and the stereo master output.
2-bands parametric EQ are available for the other 8 channels usually connected to 1-8 digital tape returns. If needed, tape returns can also be routed to the main channels (globally or independently). In this way, the flexibility of the system is greatly expanded.

Memories and Libraries. Scenes memories control motorized faders and console parameters, allowing immediate program recall and saving time for the console set up.
Memory locations ("libraries") dedicated to EQ, dynamic processors and effects are also available. Automix functions are not implemented, but parameters can be controlled via MIDI.

Versatility. Being a very flexible console, 01v can be used in a wide range of audio applications. Currently, 01v it's a "must" for quality project studios, but it can be successfully used in 8-tracks digital recording sessions or in live situations.
To make more fast operations, control interface includes "solo" switches for each channel stripe and a mini-channel section with pan and EQ dedicated controls.
6 independent Aux Send are implemented (2 for internal effects and 4 sent to external outs) and, in case of stage monitoring, the built-in effects returns can also be conveniently sent to musicians.
About A/D inputs, in addition to 2 stereo channels, 12 mic inputs are available with both balanced phone jack and XLR connectors (all providing phantom power assignable to 1-6 and 7-12 inputs groups). Moreover, 2 or more 01v can be linked together with digital cascade and synchronization facilities .

Compact. 01v compact size (480 mm. width x 520 mm. lenght) allows easy use in any environment. Carriage is also easy due to the low weight (approximately 18 kg.).

Competitive Q/P ratio. No doubts that 01v is a really convenient and affordable console, especially considering quality and features.


Like for the most part of the digital consoles, 01v operation is based on the "selected channel" concept.

Each digital channel is equipped with a fader and a [SELECT] button enabling parameters setting on the related channel when pressed.

In this way the mini-channel control panel can be assigned to the selected channel , allowing to work as in a conventional mixer.


The backlit LCD display allows to manage the wide range of functions not directly assignable to dedicatel controls. The LCD is small, but the resolution has been increased in comparison with the ProMix model allowing to show more parameters at the same time. Graphic quality has been also improved as well as display "refreshing" time.

Functions are recalled on the screen by pressing the switches located on the left side of the console. Each screen page can be also automatically recalled. For instance, it's possible to program the console so that any EQ manual setting in the selected channel area, automatically displays the relevant EQ curve.

Important functions also include libraries storage/recall (available for EQ, dynamic processors and effects), I/O re-routing, grouping (for fader and mute) and channel pairing.

With reference to the audio quality, 01v is a professional unit, comparable to the 03D and 02R models.