yamaha 02r


Introduced during 1995, the 02R is an integrated digital console featuring a 40-in/8-bus system designed for studio recording.

During 1997, the advent of the new v.2 operating system expanded the basic features in order to extend the operativity up to include also audio post/pro applications. Surround mix, I/O re-patching, enhanced Automix features and Remote functions were successfully implemented with a lot of additional improvements.

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  Versatility. With high quality 4-band PEQ and dedicated delays for every channels, 8 aux sends, a flexible routing, 50 dynamic processors and 2 internal effects, the 02R appears as a very complete digital mixing console.
Adding memory management (Scene memories & Libraries), Automix, Surround, MMC and Remote features, the 02R can be considered as a very wide-range application console.

Automation. Motorized faders and other 3.000 parameters can be instantly controlled thanks to Scene Memories and Automix features.

Compact size. Really compacted dimensions (663 x 685 mm.) allow to use the 02R in virtually any little space. An easy carriage is also possible thanks to the limited weight of the console (about 30 kg).

High Q/P ratio. The cost appears really affordable considering the 02R's features.

Passing to a digital console like 02R, the only difficult step is to understand and accept an interface that appears really different from the previous analog experience. Frankly speaking this is not a real difficulty and the time spended understanding the new operativity will be soon rewarded by incredible results.

The basic principle to understand is the selected channel logic, a design philosophy adopted in order to save space and money, without compromises in terms of audio quality. Every digital channel is equipped with a level control (motorized fader or rotary encoder), an [ON], a [SELECT] button and nothing else.

There is just one channel module (labeled selected channel) equipped with EQ section, Aux send, Pan and Routing control. By pressing the [SELECT] button on a channel, the module will be instantly connected to this channel for any related control. After this, the channel approach is similar to analog, except for a lot of additional and useful features (as the EQ graphic curve display, the library support, etc.) coming from digital technology.

Another concept to understand is that motorized faders and rotary encoders are simply controllers that can be assigned to channels exactly like to aux send levels as well.

The backlit extra-large LCD in another new element of the interface. A lot of functions can be graphically displayed and controlled as for example Scene memory and Library management, EQ and Dynamics curves, I/O Routing, Effect programming, channel grouping and pairing, Automix editing and Surround trajectories.


We tested the 02R in a series of very difficult contests (included Pavarotti International 1998), always having very good results.

This is also the prevalent opinion of the most part of professional users that we contacted in these years.