yamaha 02r


TC UNIT-Y card by T.C. Electronic

Coming from a deep cooperation between T.C. Electronic and Yamaha Corporation, the TC UNIT-Y card is the first "hardware plug-in" for 02R.

TC UNIT-Y can be fitted to any 02R rear slot in order to add the benefits of the t.c. electronic renowned sound processors built-in inside the desk. A couple of 02R ROM are included in the package in order to upgrade the operating system with the related new features and graphical pages.

The last TC UNIT-Y Hw/Sw release includes:
- 100 hours of demo using M2000 and Finalizer algorithms;
- 1 payed licence (in order to activate M2000 or Finalizer functions after the demo period) with the possibility to buy a second licence if needed);
- I/O expansion option (T-DIF/ADAT Optical or AES/EBU I/O additional boards can be connected to the TC UNIT-Y);
- Extended Routing features (allows to adress 2 stereo effect returns + 4 inputs coming from the I/O expansion to the 02R stereo bus without the need to use the available channels) that increases the mixing power from 44 to 52 lines.

02R Project Manager v1

For Macintosh and Power Macintosh from Zeep.
Allows to manage all the recording sessions offering limited remote control and storing facilities. Automix and Library pages (with EQ graphic curve diagram) are included.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the PM v.1 is designed for 02R v.1 only. This software should NOT be used with 02R v.2 that is supported by Project Manager v. 2 and Project Manager Professional v.2.

02R Project Manager Pro

For Macintosh e Power Macintosh from Zeep.
Advanced version of PM that allows to save any 02R recording session as a Project, including extended remote controlling features. Full control panel interface, Library management, EQ/DYN graphic diagrams, Automix Main and Extract pages are included.
A special Global Paste function allows to instantly copy edited parameters to 2 or more scene memories saving precious time during such as operations.

02R Localizer

For Macintosh and Power Macintosh from Zeep.
Enhance surround features with 02R v.1. An 02R v.2 upgraded version is also available.


02R Visualizer

For Windows from C-Mexx.
Allows an 02R fully implemented remote control (including Automix Editing).