yamaha aw4416,yamaha aw2816

Yamaha has a longtime experience in building high-performance digital consoles and multitrack recorders. The AW4416 includes the achieved know-how and optimizes the technology. It is a totally integrated and complete 16-tracks mixing-recording system at a competitive quality/price ratio.

The AW4416 is a professional audio workstation that allows the user to execute all the steps required to create a final audio product (signal processing, recording, data editing, mixdown and CD mastering). Moreover, it is the first ministudio equipped with motorized faders at a very affordable price (about 3.000 Euro).

Due to its small size, the AW4416 is easy to carriage and, thanks to its features, it can be also used in "live" performances as a flexible mixing and recording system.

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AW2816 Overview


Expandibility/Flexibility. The AW4416 features 8 built-in analog inputs and a stereo digital input. The rear panel features 2 slots to add up to 16 additional In/Out installing mini-YGDAI cards (the same used in the 01V digital mixer and other pro-audio Yamaha products). Considering also the dual stereo effect returns and the 16 inputs of the hard disk recorder section, the AW4416 can provide up to 44 input channels.
The output section includes Stereo (analog + S/PDIF digital) and Monitor outputs as well as flexible OMNI out ports to which is possible to assign the AUX sends, the channels 1-16 Direct outputs or the Sampling Pads signals. Installing the optional mini-YGDAI cards in the rear panel slots, the outputs can be increased providing more flexibility. The AW4416 comes with a 12Gb HD, but it can accept up to 64 Gb 2.5" IDE HD drives, without any partition need.

Fully equipped. The mixing section includes parametric EQs as well as dynamics processors and delay functions (up to 59 ms) for each channel . Moreover, 2 effect processors (that includes guitar dedicated effects) are built-in. The channel 8 features an additional high impedency input for guitar direct connection. Dynamics processors are also available for bus master and stereo out.
The AW4416 provides also EQ, dynamics processors, effects and mixing settings libraries. 16 tracks recording can be both in 16-bit or 24-bit formats. The recording section provides all the required editing functions both for main and virtual tracks (8 virtual tracks x 16 main tracks).
The locate function allows to immediately recall specific points of the song (8 Quick Locate points + 99 markers per song). Very useful is also the Quick Record function, enabled by the Quick Rec key, that automatically assigns the mixer inputs to the recorder tracks for immediate recording sessions.
The AW4416 features also the most common interface ports for external units synchronization or computer connection. Moreover, a serial mouse can be connected to the unit. This feature allows a convenient parameters graphic control thru the large LCD display, similar to the Windows or Macintosh operative systems.
At last, it is possible to install an optional CD-R / CD-RW in the front panel bay to read CD-ROM data (i.e.: samplers .WAV files) or for CD mastering.

Automation. The motorized faders and the mixing settings can be controlled thru dedicated "scene memories" that allow to recall thousands of parameteres in a snap. In this way mixdown sessions can be more easy and fast.
The Automix function allows a real-time storage of all the operations performed during a mixing sessions as well as advanced sync functions (via SMPTE or MIDI Time Code) working with external audio/video/MIDI units.

Compact. The AW4416 is a compact unit: 558 mm. (W) x 459 mm. (D). This allows an easy installation also in small places. The low weight (11.8 Kg.) allows an easy carriage too.

Competitive Q/P ratio. Considering the wide range of features available and the high quality standard, the AW4416 price should be considered very affordable.


The AW4416 is a great combination of mixing and recording digital technologies. The mixer section can be considered as an heritage of the the Yamaha 02R mixing console, but the operativity recalls the Yamaha 01V and 03D digital mixers.

In terms of understanding, this is a big advantage for those who were used to operate with these Yamaha consoles. The motorized faders allow immediate levels control. EQ and PAN parameters can be conveniently set thru a dedicated control panel, that can be assigned to the selected channel. The [VIEW] key graphically displays all the mixing parameters, allowing a direct values setting.

The recording section is easy to control and provides 8 virtual tracks for each of the 16 available tracks, allowing a great takes flexibility. A useful tool is the waveform display of the currently selected track that allows accurate editing operations.

The final mixdown is supported by well tested automix functions.

  Easy access and immediate operativity are the main adavantages of the AW-4416. This is a great result, considering the large number of features, functions and applications offered by this unit.

Furthermore, the AW-4416 provides a kind of "analog" approach through dedicated EQ and PAN control knobs (supported by the Auto Display function), while the Quick Rec function automatically and rapidly makes the appropriate recording settings for simultaneous multitrack sessions.

The immediate settings storage/recall thru libraries (available for EQ, dynamics processor, effects and channels) is another important feature as well as I/O patching, grouping (for faders and mute), pairing (stereo pairs setting) and automix.

The Sampling Pads section is a very useful innovation. The pads can be used to trigger WAV samples during playback or while recording. Sampling pads playback can be also automated thru an internal sequencer.

At last, the AW4416 packaging includes a very useful Tutorial manual and a demo CD. The user can learn step by step the most important mixing functions as well as the CD mastering procedure.