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  Yamaha S-series keyboards feature a new approach to synthesizer expansion capabilities: the Modular Synthesis Plug-In technology, also available in the CS6X and CS6R synthesizers, in the MU128 module and in the SW1000XG card.

Two expansion Plug-in boards can be installed into the S80 (1 in S30 and 3 into the S90 models). A Plug-in board doesn't increase just the number of additional PCM waveforms available (as it happens in other synthesizers), but it provides a completely brand-new synthesis engine (Analog Physical modeling, Acoustic Physical Modeling, FM synthesis, etc.).

The installation of a Plug-Iin board increases the S80 polyphony as well as the number of multitimbral parts and the type/number of effects. Moreover, the new sounds and effects provided by the Plug-in board can be easily and quickly edited through the supplied CD-ROM software.

Obviously, sounds and effects settings can be performed directly from the synthesizer panel but, due to its size, the S80 display is unable to provide the same convenient parameters global view available on the computer screen.

Now, let's give a look to the currently available Plug-In boards.
PLG150-AN Board  
As mentioned above, this software is a light version of the more complete XGworks.

Basically, it provides the same operativity, but some features (i.e.: digital audio recording), functions and windows (Staff window, Staff printing, Drum window, Auto Arranger, Guitar Arranger) are missed.
Anyway, in spite of this, it is a very useful tool.

The XGworks lite Plug-in applications, in fact, provide a convenient graphic interface that allows an easy management of the synthesizer parameters thru virtual knobs, sliders and switches.

The Internal Voices can be easily and quickly edited. The Plug-in boards synthesis generators can be more intuitively programmed too.
The Menu bar of the sequencer main window gives access to the Voice Editors. The sequencer provides advanced editing functions of MIDI events and it can record up to 9.999 bars both in real and step time (through mouse or MIDI keyboard). 100 tracks are available. The resolution is 480 clock x quarter note.

The main window includes all the Song setup and editing functions and gives access to other dedicated windows (Piano Roll, Event List, Mixer, Master Track, etc.). The Songs can be saved in XG or SMF 0/1 formats. Data communication between computer and S80 can be made by MIDI connection (Handshake mode) or thru the built-in synthesizer To Host serial port.

PLG150-PF Board
This board adds a wide range of high quality piano sounds realized in AWM2 technology.

CP and DX electric pianos as well as harpsicords are also available.

The board includes 136 Preset and adds 64 notes, for a total polyphony of 128 notes.

Additional effects are also available (Reverb, Chorus, 2-band EQ) to allow a personalized sound tailoring.

PLG150-VL Board
A monophonic VL (Virtual Acoustic Synthesis) engine becomes available after installation of this board, whose tone generation is based on Physical Modeling technology.

The digitally simulated acoustic sounds are natural-sounding and realistic. This is evident expecially when mouthpiece and string instruments are played.

Moreover, by the optional Yamaha BC3 breath controller, the player, having a full control of the sound timbre and dynamic, can achieve an high degree of expression.

The board provides 256 Preset and 64 Internal Voices.

PLG150-DX Board
This board adds to the S80 the classic FM sounds of Yamaha's world-famous DX-7 synthesizer.

It features the same 6 operators and 32 algorithms technology available in the Yamaha DX model.

The FM Synthesis engine is 16 notes polyphonic. 912 Preset and 64 User Voices are provided.

Sound editing can be performed both on S80 directly or thru the CD-ROM dedicated software.

PLG100-VH Board
Installing this board, S80 becomes a harmonizer/vocoder.

Connecting a microphone to the rear panel A/D input, 3 harmony notes are added to the basic voice depending on the selected mode (Vocoder Harmony, Detune Harmony, Chordal Harmony e Chromatic Harmony).

It is possible to pre-program the pitch interval of the harmony or play the harmony notes directly from the keyboard (or sequencer). A range of parameters allows to personalize the Harmony settings.

Programming can be performed both on S80 or thru the supplied editing software.

PLG100-XG Board
This board has been particularly conceived for the XG SMF users, fully supporting the XG MIDI specifications.

It can be used to playback XG SMF Songs (0 format) from an external sequencer or through the S80 internal sequencer.

700 high-quality AWM2 sounds and 22 drum kits as well as 32 additional notes of polyphony are provided.