yamaha ex5,yamaha ex5r,yamaha ex7


Main Features
KEYBOARD 76 keys velocity and after-touch sensitive
- VL synthesis
- AN synthesis
- FDSP synthesis
- 44.1 KHz sampling with 16-bit resolution
POLYPHONY Up to 128 notes, depending from sound algorithms employed.
MULTITIMBRAL MODE Up to 16 parts, controlled on 16 independent MIDI channels.
OUTPUTS - 2 Stereo/Mono
- 2 assignable individual outputs
- 4 available after installation of the EXIDO 1 optional card
INPUTS 2 Stereo/Mono for Mic/Line signals sampling
CONTROL INTERFACES - 2 jacks for FC4 or FC5 footswitches (On/Off) for Sustain control or assignable functions
- 2 jacks for FC7 continuous control pedals (Volume and assignable parameters)
- BC2/BC3 breath control connection
MIDI 2 independent MIDI port groups (group 1: In/Out/Thru; group 2: In/Out)
REALTIME CONTROLS - 9 assignable rotary controls
- Ribbon control
- 2 scene memories
DISPLAY Backlit graphic LCD (64x240 dots) with contrast control
SOUNDS - 512 voices (256 Preset + 256 Internal programmable).
- Each voice can combine up to 4 different suonds (elements).
- 128 Performance memories with voices Layer (max 2 voices), Cross-Fade and Split
SONG SEQUENCER - 30.000 notes memory
- 16-track with step, real time and overdubbing recording functions.
- Advanced editing.
- External units synchronization by MIDI clock or MIDI Time Code.
PATTERN SEQUENCER - Eight tracks with step, real time and overdubbing recording functions.
- Advanced editing and "Groove" function.
- Patterns can be chained in the Song sequencer or assigned to specific keys for real time playback.
ARPEGGIATOR - Four tracks arpeggiator.
- Voice and/or Performance parameters can be stored to be recalled in Performance mode.
KEY MAPPING Samples, patterns or tracks can be assigned to specific keys diversi for real time or via MIDI playback.
FX PROCESSORS - System Effects (12 reverb types + 17 Chorus types) independently assignable to each voice, performance or Song memory
- Insert Effects 1 (24 effects) + Insert Effect 2 (79 effects) independently assignable to each of the 4 voice elements, from 1 to 3 depending from the Mode (Voice or Performance) and the type of synthesis employed.
MEMORIES - Internal Floppy Disk drive
- External units (Hard Disk, ZIP, JAZZ) through optional ASIBI SCSI interface.