Antonino Valenti is founder and current President of SuperSonica. With a degree in law and a 20 years-long experience in Pro-Audio/DMI, he played multiple rules, from musician-programmer up to manager and specialist for some of the most important manufacturing Companies of the market like Roland and Yamaha Corporations. He also was reponsable for promotion activities, organizing large demo-tours, dealer trainings, user meetings and supporting in many occasions international artists, broadcasting/TV organizations and show events from Chick Corea to Pavarotti & Friends. The large amount of problems and needs analyzed and solved during these years were the basis for the creation of SuperSonica and the innovative SVS Training System.  

Welcome to SuperSonica, the e-learning web site dedicated to professional audio and musical instruments !

You are now part of a large group of over 100.000 users from more than 25 countries using this web site to expand their knowledge regarding Digital Musical Instruments and Digital Pro Audio equipments.

If you are a professional, here you can get detailed information about the most important products and experiment procedures with our SVS™ Training System. If you are an entry user, here you can expand your comprehension of digital instruments and equipments, understanding product evolution, concepts behind technologies and using our SVS™ Training System for your professional growth.

Here there are some important questions about SuperSonica that probably you are interested to ask:


How to navigate on SuperSonica Web?

The Home page features shortcut menus to reach any part of SuperSonica Web with just 1-click.

In addition, there are 5 Navigation Pages, each one dedicated to a different application:

These pages allow direct access to related Pre-Training and Training areas, providing as well language selection and additional information about the latest news.

Finally, a series of navigation symbols are located on the left-side band of SuperSonica Home and Navigation pages for:
- Searching
- Information request
- Company Communication

Searching symbols are also available on all of the remaining pages, giving direct access to the Home Page menus and to the SuperSonica Search Engine from any part of SuperSonica Web.


What is the difference between Pre-Training and Training areas?

Since SuperSonica web site is e-learning oriented, these terms are used to help your navigation from the Navigation Pages:
- Use Pre-Training areas to get general information and wide-range views about product categories (Evolution Maps).
- Use Training areas to access specific Trainings dedicated to your favourite products or matters.


What are Evolution Maps?

Evolution Maps allow to get an incredible quantity of information at-a-glance about the most significative products created by different manufacturers during the years. The unique graphical approach of SuperSonica Evolution Maps allows you to easily verify the hystorical evolution of different product categories, also supplying, in most cases, detailed information about the desired products with just 1-click.


What is SVS™ Training System?

SVS stands for SuperSonica Virtual Seminar. SVS is an innovative and proprietary training system based on the SuperSonica's long experience in technical support dedicated to musicians, sound engineers and entry users.

All of us should be encouraged to use new products and new technologies in Music and Audio applications, but the support we receive in most cases is just a ponderous manual to read. This is a typical problem. Manuals can be useful later: at the beginning what we need is "someone" that stay at our side showing us the logic to get the first results in a short time, opening our mind to the creative potential at our disposal.

SVS System stays at your side putting in your hand not a manual but "the product" or "the matter". SVS it is not a video, but something of interactive that allows you to use products and technologies in virtual reality, making easy at the same time to memorize procedures and concepts.

If you are interested in SVS Training see also the SVS Training System information area.


Why should I use SVS™ Training System?

SVS Training System has been designed to offer you an innovative and professional way to quickly learn theory and practice related to DMI (Digital Musical Instruments)/Audio applications and products.

SuperSonica SVS Training System provides 2 types of Virtual Seminars:
- Use SVS OPERATION Training series to know products operation.
- Use SVS CONCEPT Training series to learn concepts related to DMI/Audio applications.

Our proprietary SVS™ Training method always will assure you:

- Direct approach in virtual reality for fast learning result.
- Easy and fast visual comprehension of general concepts and procedures.
- Easy Navigation interface including 8 Main Sessions, additional Extra Sessions menu, Help/Back-1 step/Repeat buttons, etc.
- Unique "Action-Control" interface, forcing your direct action to better memorize steps during procedures.
- Visual/Audio virtual reality test to verify the result of your action.
- High Training quality guaranted by long and qualified SuperSonica professional experience.

If you are interested in SVS Training see also the SVS Training System information area.


Is SVS Training a pay-service?

Yes, and this contribute is very important for us to continue in new SVS developments. You know that SuperSonica users are welcome in almost all areas for free. Also the access to the Training pages is free allowing you to evaluate SVS contents and to test one or more SVS Sessions before to invest your money. Only if you want to complete the training you are required to buy an "electronic ticket" called SVS ViewCode.

An SVS ViewCode costs Eur 12,00 (about 14 US dollars). The purchase is very fast and simple using credit cards. In few minutes you will be able to get and use your SVS ViewCode having instant access to the desired SVS Full Edition. Of course you will be able to access more and more times the same SVS Training, getting the best possible result from your virtual reality experience.


What about security measures for my credit card?

Credit Card payment system was adopted in order to assure the instant management of SVS ViewCodes. Once decided this way, we made any possible effort in order to increase the security level of your "money investments" in SuperSonica.

First of all you will not pay to SuperSonica directly, but to an international financial institute guaranted by Verisign security system. We also guarantee that, except for your personal data (required for the electronic invoice and processed fully respecting privacy regulation), SuperSonica will ignore anything about your transaction and credit card data.

In the second place, transaction operations will be encripted at 128-bit (in other words 3.402.823.669. combinations) assuring maximum security.